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Understanding Yitro – Structure | Exodus 18:17-20:26

Understanding Yitro Structure

“Understanding Yitro – Structure” is the fifth video installment of the “Understanding” video series. In this episode we discuss Part 2: Torah and its Precepts. We delve into Sections one and two, while introducing section three.

“Understanding Yitro – Structure” YouTube Video:

“Understanding Yitro – Structure” Notes:

Section One: Israel is welcomed as one of the nations of the world (18.1-27)

  • First Paragraph: Jethro (Yitro) visits (18.1-12)
  • Second Paragraph: The advice to appoint judges and its acceptance (18.13-26)
  • Conclusion of the section (18.27)

Section Two: The revelation at Mount Sinai (19.1- 20.21)

  • First Paragraph: The preparations (19.1-15)
  • Second Paragraph: The elements of nature in commotion (19.16-19)
  • Third Paragraph: The final instructions (19.20-25)
  • Fourth Paragraph: The Decalogue (20.1-17)
  • Conclusion of the section (20.18-21)

Section Three: Statutes and ordinances (20.22-23.33)

  • The Exordium: Introductory observations (20.22b-26)

“Understand” YouTube Video Series:

This is an exclusive YouTube series delving into the Hebrew literary structure. These recordings are designed to explain the underlaying Hebrew text. We have discovered how the book, chapter and verse division and the parsha division break the natural Hebrew flow of thought.

Also, in this episode I apologize for a mistake in the previous video.

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