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Understanding Beshalach – Structure | Exodus 13:17-17:16

Understanding Beshalach - Structure

“Understanding Beshalach – Structure” is the fourth video installment of the “Understanding” video series. In this episode we discuss sections eight and nine, the final two sections of the first part called “Bondage and Liberation” in the book of Exodus. 

“Understanding Beshalach – Structure” YouTube Video:

“Understanding Beshalach – Structure” Notes:

Section Eight: The division of the Sea of Reeds (13:17-15.21)

  1. First Paragraph: The journey in the wilderness (13.17-22)
  2. Second Paragraph: The encampment by the Sea of Reeds (14.1-4)
  3. Third Paragraph: The pursuit by the Egyptians (14.5-8)
  4. Fourth Paragraph: The meeting of the two hosts (14.9-14)
  5. Fifth Paragraph: The way of salvation (14.15-18)
  6. Sixth Paragraph: The Israelites pass through the midst of the sea (14.19-22)
  7. Seventh Paragraph: The discomfiture of the Egyptians (14.23-25)
  8. Eighth Paragraph: The punishment of the pursuers (14.26-29)
  9. Ninth Paragraph: The deliverance (14.30-31)
  10. Tenth Paragraph: The song of the sea (15.1-21)

Section Nine: The travails of the journey (15:22-17:16)

  1. First Paragraph: The waters of Mara (15.22-27)
  2. Second Paragraph: The manna and the quails (16.1-36)
  3. Third Paragraph: The waters of Meribah (17.1-7)
  4. Fourth Paragraph: War with the Amalekites (17.8-16)

“Understand” YouTube Video Series:

This is an exclusive YouTube series delving into the Hebrew literary structure. These recordings are designed to explain the underlaying Hebrew text. We have discovered how the book, chapter and verse division and the parsha division break the natural Hebrew flow of thought.

Also, in this episode I apologize for a mistake in the previous video.

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