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Parsha Vayechi

Parsha Vayechi

Parsha Vayechi וַיְחִי is translated as “And he lived” and is the twelveth Torah reading in the annual reading cycle. There are three ways to spell “Vaychi”, “Vayechi”, or “Vayhi

Parsha Vayechi Summary

Parsha Vayechi begins with a 147 year-old Jacob dying. He asks Joseph to swear to place his body in Machpelah. He agrees. Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim. Then Jacob blesses his sons. Jacob dies and Joseph buries him in Canaan. Joseph promises his brothers everything is good. Joseph’s grandsons are born. Joseph dies.

Vayechi וַיְחִי is the first word and in the Hebrew text (see text below).