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Genesis 5 (Bereshit) Outline

Traditionally, Genesis (Bereshit) 5 is considered to be the first ten generations of the earth’s history. According to Rabbi Cassuto, Genesis (Bereshet) 5 begins the fourth section of Genesis called “The Book of the History of Adam” and it continues to Genesis (Bereshet) 6.8.

vv.1-5 Adam – lives 930 years vv.6-8 Seth – lives 912 years vv.9-11 Enosh – lives 905 years vv.12-14 Kenan – lives 910 years vv.15-17 Mahalalel – lives 829 years vv.18-20 Jared – lives 962 years vv.21-24 Enoch – lives 365 years vv.25-27 Methuselah – lives 969 years vv.28-31 Lamech – lives 777 years vv.32 Noah – 500 years old when he has sons

Genesis 4 (Bereshit) Outline

Now we begin the third section of Genesis. Bereshit 6 is “The Story of Cain and Abel” This short section begins and ends with the birthing of children. In between them are revealed the occupations of the first two children. The murder of one by the other and G-d’s judgment against the murderer. From there, we see the continuous downward trend of the murderer’s family. However, the section ends with the birth of the righteous Seth and Enosh.

vv.1-2 The Birth & Occupations of Cain and Able
vv.3-8 The Murder of Able
vv.9-16 The Murder Sentence
vv.17-22 The Descendants of Cain
vv.23-24 Lamech’s Song
vv.25-26 The Birth of Seth and Enosh