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Numbers 19:11

Numbers 31

Numbers 31 B’midbar Outline: (vv 1,2) YHVH instructs Moshe about  war with Midian & his death. (vv 3-6) Moshe instructs Israel about war (vv7-12) Israel defeats 5 kings and returns with the spoils (vv 13-20)Moshe is angered, instructs to kill woman and male children,  gives instruction about purification. (vv 21-24) Eleazar instructs about the purification (vv 25-31) YHVH Instructs Moshe about the spoils (vv 32-47) The spoils counted and shared (vv 48-49) Military Leaders report no Loss of soldiers (vv 48- 54) Military Leaders offer an atonement offering for the soldiers.