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Parsha Noach

  • Parsha
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Parsha Noach נֹ֔חַ is the second reading in Bereshit and the annual reading cycle. This parsha contains many familiar stores (1) the building of the ark, (2) the flood, and of course the (3) tower of Babel.

There are several interesting facts concerning the Hebrew text. This parsha can be considered the longest pasha in one way. It has the most sentences (verses) of any Torah portion but it does share this honor with parsha Vayishlach (Bereshit 32:4-36:43). More amazingly it does not contain the most letters. That honor belongs to parsha Miketz (Bereshit 41:1-44:17). Parsha Vayeira (Exodus Shemot 6:2-9:35) has the most words.

Noach נֹ֔חַ is the third word and the first distinctive word in the Hebrew text (see text below).