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Parsha Korach

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Korach קֹרַח is the thirty-eighth parsha in the annual reading cycle. It is the fifth reading in Bamidbar (Numbers). Korach קֹרַח is translated as “Korah”, “Korach“, or “Qorah“. This is a proper name it is kinda’ standard in how it is translated. The various spellings deal with the tradition of how letters are translated.

In the Strongs and BDB you will see baldness ?, or to make bald, as the definition of this name. This is not the true meaning. See, in Hebrew, letters  are added to the beginning or ending of a root word. This will change the meaning of the word. Here by doing this it can take on the meaning “to make bald” or “to shear“. Also changing the vowel points creates new words.

According to the Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew,  (a kosher source) the letters ק qoph, ר resh, ח chet (קרח) means “cohere“. The extended meanings are (1) “balding”, (2) “smooth interior garment” (3) “frost; hold together” so strictly speaking here this word does not mean “balding” or “to make bald”.

Korach קֹרַח is the second word and the first distinctive word in the Hebrew text (see text below).