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Genesis 6 (Bereshit) Outline

This first two divisions (vv.1-4 & vv. 5-8 ) of chapter 6 are connected to chapter 5. They are the final two paragraphs in “The Book of the History of Adam.” The previous introduction of Noah in 5.32 is being developed in verse 8. It is transitioning us to the next major story.
Beginning at verse 9 we have a new act — “The Flood”. Everything is about to be destroyed and the world will be recreated – this is presented as a new creation.

vv.1-4 Sons of God and the Daughters of Men
vv.5-8 Punishment for the Generation of the Flood; Grace for Noah
vv.9-12 The Corruption of All Flesh and the Righteousness of the Good Man
vv.13-22 Noah told about the Coming Doom and Instructed to Make the Ark