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Double Count

Two Doubles in Shelach

I hope you are having an exceedingly good day today!

This is our second installment of a series of posts about the double count Hebrew words. In this installment we are doing a basic word study using both kosher and non-kosher dictionary sources.

Parsha Shelach contains two double counts. One deals with Joshua and Caleb’s report of the land. The other deals with HaShem dealing with the bad report from the other spies.

Let’s look at them now…

Three Doubles in Beha’aloscha

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No this is not tennis; its Hebrew. Hebrew is like no other language. Deeper studies are very nuanced and sometimes the Rabbis examine the letters, their shapes, the space they occupy and even the space they don’t occupy. It creates some very interesting ideas.

Once while studying for this website I was looking at Hebrew stats — word counts and similar stuff.¬† I noted a stat called “double count”. I was clueless; so I asked around about this stat and this is what was told to me.