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Genesis 5 (Bereshit) Outline

Traditionally, Genesis (Bereshit) 5 is considered to be the first ten generations of the earth’s history. According to Rabbi Cassuto, Genesis (Bereshet) 5 begins the fourth section of Genesis called “The Book of the History of Adam” and it continues to Genesis (Bereshet) 6.8.

vv.1-5 Adam – lives 930 years vv.6-8 Seth – lives 912 years vv.9-11 Enosh – lives 905 years vv.12-14 Kenan – lives 910 years vv.15-17 Mahalalel – lives 829 years vv.18-20 Jared – lives 962 years vv.21-24 Enoch – lives 365 years vv.25-27 Methuselah – lives 969 years vv.28-31 Lamech – lives 777 years vv.32 Noah – 500 years old when he has sons

Genesis 3 (Bereshit) Outline

Genesis 3 (Bereshet) conutinues “The Story of the Garden of Eden. According to Cassuto, in the Hebrew text this is a continuation of chapter 2.

vv.1-7 Adam’s Sin: Talking serpent questions the woman about food. She desired the promised wisdom to know good and evil. She takes the fruit ate it and gave it to Adam. He eats and both of their eyes are opened to good and evil. They saw their nakedness and sewes fig leaves together and covered themselves. vv.8-21 The Judgment and the Sentence: HaShem comes and questions Adam. He blames both God and the woman. He speak to the woman and she blames the serpent. HaShem begins to hand down His judgment upon the serpent, than the woman, and finally the man. v.22-24 The Expulsion: HaShem begins by saying that man(kind) has become like God knowing good and evil. To prevent man from eatting from The Tree of Life, he expelled him from the garden and places angels with rotating flaming swords to protect The Tree.

Genesis 2 (Bereshit) Outline

The Story of Creation continues all the way to the third verse. Now, we venture into, “The story of the Garden of Eden”. Verse four is our transition verse, in verse five we are introduced to the Garden of Eden.

According to Rabbi Cassuto, the primary purpose for the story of the Garden of Eden is, “to explain how it is that in the Lord’s world, the world of the good and beneficent God, evil should exist and man should endure pain and troubles and calaminties.

vv.1-3 Seventh Day The Day of rest is created. v.4 Transitional Verse These are the generations of the heavens and earth. vv.5-7 Creation of Man Before the creation of man a mist waters the earth. Man is created. vv.8-14 The Planting of the Garden of Eden The garden is planted east of Eden and place man there. Tree of life and The Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil are introduced. A river splitting into four is discussed. vv.15-17 Man and the Garden Man given responsibility and warned about the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. vv.18-25 Creation of Woman HaShem discusses the condition of the man. Man take to his task of naming animals. Woman is created.