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Torah Resources

This Resource Page contains links that I personally used and some very valueable resources. Included on this page are download links, viewable online resources and links to other website that just contains ton of link of their own. Please note I can’t be held responsible of the format or content contained on the other sites. Also please be advise that some of the links on this page may connect to other religious website so please don’t be offended.

Sections on this Page:
Extra-Biblical Materials

Bible Translations

Web Links

List of Abbreviations (on this Page)
EN – English Translation
HE – Hebrew Text

Extra-Biblical Materials

There are tons of extra-biblical writing both Jewish and Christian. This section is sub-divided for this reason; Jewish Writings, Church Fathers

Jewish Writings

These are perhaps the most important and the least studied by the Christian “church”. The Scriptures were given to the Nation of Israel. They are the “guardians of the Torah” it is through their writings that we can better understand the text of the Scriptures.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The greatest archeological find of the 20th Century is now online for your viewing. This is the official Dead Sea Scroll website by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Discover the history and the 1950 images of the scrolls themselves. Dead Sea Scrolls


Josephus is an invaluable 1st Century source. He is one of the most important Jews to read and understand the days in which Yeshua lived and walked the earth. Viewable Online Files – En

Rabbinic Literature

Sefaria – Is perhaps one of the largest online resources of Jewish material both ancient and modern. I would encourage you to at least sign up and see the latest Scholarly articles. Sefaria

Rabbinics – There is a considerable amount of material listed on this site.

Babylonian Talmud
There are about 12,800 printed pages in the Soncino Talmud, not counting introductions, indexes, glossaries, etc. Of these, Come and Hear™ has put about 8050 pages on line, comprising about 1460 files — about 63% of the Soncino Talmud Viewable Online English Translation Downloadable English Translation

Jerusalem Talmud
Free – 12 Different ways (formats) to download the Talmud of Jerusalem.

Church Fathers

The “Church Fathers” are the generational leadership which came after the death of Yeshua’s disciples. If you will they were Yeshua’s disciples (apostles) disciples. Many of these men where Gentiles that were grafted into Israel. Sadly many of them added various philosophical ideas and they systemically striped the Jewishness out of Scriptures. In other words they propagated antisemitism.

Bible Translations

Septuagint (LXX)
This is the Greek text of the TaNaK. It is maintained by Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.
Septuagint Online

Jewish Targums
Looking for sources.

Latin Vulgate
This is a online resource is a parallel of Douay-Rheims, Latin Vulgate, and King James all in one place.

The links currently in no specific order.

The Watchman – Betemunah Link – Vast website containing the learning of Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David (Greg Killian)- FREE Resources

Hebrew 4 – John Parsons website. I would describe it as a Christian website about all things Hebraic. Excellent resources for self-pace learning of Hebrew. – FREE Resources

Jewish – Excellent Parchah Videos from Messianic(?) Jewish Rabbi. – FREEish & Paid Resources – Freeish because they require you to register with an email to watch the videos.

Nehemia Gordon’s Website Nehemia Gordon is a Karite Jew (Meaning he does not believe in the Rabbinical Writing although he comes from a linage of Pharisees.) FREE Resources – Podcasts of Torah Pearls & Prophet Pearls very causal recordings with him, Keith Johnson, and Jono Vandor. He was also taught NFL HOF’er Reggie White Hebrew.

Holy Language – Izzy Avaham’s website designed to teach Hebrew. Now he has extended it to learn Modern Hebrew, Live Shabbat Services, and Messianic Rabbi Derek Leman trainings. – FREEish & Paid – Freeish as he only allows provides a certain amount of free material. FULL Disclosure: This is where I began my Hebrew studies. I have spoken to Izzy on the phone and we are FB friends.