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WSB Show - Podcast

The WSB Show is the official podcast for Whittle Study Bible ( Through this podcast we are endeavouring to provide three things – (1) Bible teachings, (2) interviews, and (3) resources.

Bible Teachings

Our teachings on the Bible are from kosher Jewish sources. By using modern Jewish Scholarship, original Hebrew and ancient sources. We are working to discover the original meaning of the text. You may consider this a return to time of antiquities. Of course, the intent is to see how our modern understanding of the text was developed. This assists us in understanding how it applies to us in our modern world.

Currently, we are doing a systematic study through Genesis (Bereshit). These teachings are the building blocks for a basic understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. We are using the scholarly work of Umberto Cassuto. His books are used in the public schools of Israel when children begin their Torah studies.

We are using interactive teaching methods by providing downloadable worksheets and handouts in the podcasts notes section. Listen to these with a notebook, writing utensils of your preference, and several colors of highlighters.


It’s our goal to conduct interviews. At this time we are considering interviews with the followers of this podcasts and the local Jewish leadership in El Paso, Texas. Hopefully this will develop into other communities.


You will discover, Jews have been writing and developing traditions and resources for thousands of years. I understand the difficulty of beginning an unknown journey into the world of Judaism and it’s teachings. These are the resources that have personally assisted me in my God given path.

005: Genesis 1 Commentary: 7 Days of Creation, Pt.3, Day 4, Commentary on Bereshit

Sun, Moon, Stars

In the first phase of creation, we saw the words of God create the inanimate world which included vegetation. Beginning with the 4th day we see the second phase of creation occurring as it parallels and complements the first three days. In this study, we investigate day 4 of creation. We begin by looking at the golden thread. Then we discover how day 4 connects to day 1. By looking at the text we will see the three purposes for the sun, moon, and stars. Once more we will compare our story to the epic of Gilgamesh and other texts in the Tanak.

004: Genesis 1 Commentary: 7 Days of Creation Pt. 2, Commentary on Bereshit

7 Days of Creation

The golden thread of Genesis 1 continues! We will see how it flows through days 2 and 3 of the creation. Also in this lesson, we will discuss the firmament and how the Hebrew text reveals an answer the English translations totally miss. We explore the age old question, “why is day two not deemed as good.”  As we progress to day 3, we will look at the epic of Gilgamesh and how it compares to the Torah story of creation and much more.

003: Genesis 1 Commentary: 7 Days of Creation, Commentary on Bereshit

The creation story of Genesis 1 & 2 is very familiar to us today. The ancients would have seen and understood it different than we do. In the ancient world, the creation section would have been common discussion among the learned and wise men. This is still true today.  However, this question for our study is how would the ancient’s understood the creation story?

002: Genesis 1 Commentary: Umberto Cassuto – 6 Things about the Creation Story

Umberto Cassuto: WSB Show Episode 002

Umberto Cassuto is considered the greatest Jewish Scholar of the twenty-century by his peers.  In this episode of the WSB Show we introduce the man and the methods he used to research and write his commentary on Genesis from Adam to Abraham. 

We all have an experience with Genesis 1:1. Perhaps it was your first memory verse. I have a question for you, have you ever read Genesis 1 and thought “what am I missing? I know there is more here than meets the eye.” Have you ever had the thought, “I wonder what Jewish teachers have to to say about this chapter?” Well, they have a lot to say. However, I am going to share with you what the greatest Jewish scholar of the twenty-century had to say. By the way did I mention, this is one of the first Torah lessons taught in children in public schools in Israel? Download the resource for this teaching and follow along as we explore Genesis 1.