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Paul Inside of Judaism Pt. 3

Saul, Paul How Art Thou? Pt 2

Show Summary: In the third Facebook livestream for the “A Hebraic Study of Romans” we are discussing “Paul Inside of Judaism Pt. 3 : Saul, Paul who art thou? II” After a brief review of last week we discuss the conflict that I am having with Paul. I explain my original intent on the title and how that changed as i was preparing for this week. The real questions are: (1) Who was Paul? and (2) What was his agenda? Did is have a

This eposide ends with some housekeeping stuff.

Download Show Notes: Paul Inside of Judaism Pt.3 COMING SOON!

Quoted Text:

  • 2 Cor. 9:19-23


These are the books mentioned throughout the teaching of this series.

These are the main texts for this study.

Other books by Mark Nanos

Additional Materials

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