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Hebrew Vowels

Hebrew Vowels

Hebrew Vowels Introduction

Hebrew vowels are small markings, dots and dashes, above, below, and inside a letter. These markings provide a sound. There are only five vowel sounds – “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”. The five basic sounds will do most of the heavy lifting for you as there are additional sounds that are considered more advance.

Below, I have created a chart that contains the Hebrew Vowels.

Hebrew Vowels Chart

The chart shows long, short and reduced sounds. For all intents and purposes, they can be enunciated the same.

Hebrew Vowels

Like the letters, the name of the vowels provides the sound of the vowel. Below, I am providing some recordings of how the vowels sounds. The voice is a native Hebrew speaker.

Hebrew Vowels Sounds

“A” Vowel Sound
“E” Vowel Sound
“I” Vowel Sound
“O” Vowel Sound
“U” Vowel Sound


Coming soon are some practice charts. Each letter of the Alef-bet can be pronounced with each vowel. The charts below will provide the constant and vowel. Just practice, Remember, Aleph is silent and give you the sound of the vowel only.

a-class sounds

Coming Soon

i-class sounds

Coming Soon

u-class sounds

Coming Soon

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