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005: Genesis 1 Commentary: 7 Days of Creation, Pt.3, Day 4, Commentary on Bereshit

Sun, Moon, Stars

In the first phase of creation, we saw the words of God create the inanimate world which included vegetation. Beginning with the 4th day we see the second phase of creation occurring as it parallels and complements the first three days. In this study, we investigate day 4 of creation. We begin by looking at the golden thread. Then we discover how day 4 connects to day 1. By looking at the text we will see the three purposes for the sun, moon, and stars. Once more we will compare our story to the epic of Gilgamesh and other texts in the Tanak.

Day 4 of creation


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Genesis 1 (Bereshit) – This page contains the 3 things:

  1. English Translation – Jewish Publication Society 1917 English Translation
  2. Masoretic Hebrew text  – with an audio reading by Abraham Schumueloff
  3. English Hebrew Interlinear –  This is the special part of this page. It uses the aforementioned texts. It is divided into verses. Each verse contains 4 parts —  (1) English, (2) Hebrew, (3) Hebrew is transliterated in syllables, and (4) Abraham Schumueloff’s recording is slowed down so a student can follow the text in Hebrew.


Genesis-1-Interlinear-Study-Sheets – Download the official WSB Interlinear study/worksheets for this lesson. This 13 page document is designed for the non-Hebrew speaker to see and interact with the Hebrew text with limited Hebrew knowledge.

WSBS Episodes

Genesis 1 Commentary: The 7 Days of Creation Pt. 2, Bereshit Commentary – Episode 004 The golden thread of Genesis 1 continues! We will see how it flows through days 2 and 3 of the creation. Also in this lesson, we will discuss the firmament and how the Hebrew text reveals an answer the English translations misses. We explore the age old question, “why is day two not seen as good.”  As we progress to day 3, we will look at the epic of Gilgamesh and how it compares to the Torah story of creation and much more.

Genesis 1 Commentary: The 7 Days of Creation, Bereshit Commentary – Episode 003 dives into the creation of “day”. We reveal the golden thread that begins in verse one and runs through the whole creation story. Hint. It can not be seen in the English translations. Also we look at the light and God naming the day and night. Plus so much more.

Genesis 1 Commentary: Umberto Cassuto’s 6 Things about the creation story – Episode 002 lays the foundation for the teachings on Genesis 1.1 – 2.3. It provides information about Professor / Rabbi Umberto Cassuto and the 6 things he designates as important to understand this section of Torah.

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Show Notes for Day 4:

[0] Introduction
[1.14] Blessing for the Reading of Torah
[1.50] Day 4 Scripture Reading
[2.45] The Golden Thread of Day 4
[4.03] Your Task (Homework)
[4.33] Commentary on Day 4
[16.54] Show Sponsor:
[30.34] Closing and House Keeping
[32.35] New Subscriber: Ken Ward


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