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Bible Basics


Bible Basics

Bible Basics WHY? – This answer is simple.

My desire with this “study Bible” is to “bridge the gap between Israel and the grafted-in branches”. The Scriptures were given to the nation of Israel in the Hebrew tongue and throughout time they have been the G-d ordained people to practice it, guard it, preserve it, and teach it to the nations.

Beginning again..

I was a Christian pastor for roughly three years and in Christian ministry for more than 20 years. My former pastor said across the pulpit many times, “You must study the Bible with a Hebraic perspective.” That lead me to begin a new way of studying and understanding the Scriptures; I began by asking questions i.e. “What do the Jews teach about (insert topic, word, concept, idea)”. I discovered there was a major gap between Jewish teachings and what I thought I knew. I recall telling my wife many times, “If this is true, we are completely blowing it”. Once I decided to study Hebrew my mind began to be renewed in a way that is unexplainable. In my search, I’ve discovered a greater and deeper understanding and relationship with the Scriptures.

If you are a Christian reading this – here is my warning to you.  Many things contained in this site will completely shock you but if you are willing and have a heart seeking for Father, He will reveal truth to you. If you are looking for answers about Hebraic thought, Jewish Teachings, and/or Biblical history you are in the right place.

Please Start Reading All of the Articles Posted Here.  Each resource and article are extremely important! I can’t overemphasize the importance of learning and living these articles. Your new perceptive, I believe, will lead you to a greater relationship with Adonai, mankind, and the whole of creation.

Sponsored Items:
Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Marvin Wilson is the one MUST have book. I always encourage people to purchase and read this book.  This one had so many ah-ha moments for me. As I read it, especially the “I am not interested” parts, I was flooded. I kept telling my wife, “If this is true, we are messing up”.  A good portion of the things I will share with you in the following articles has its origins from this book.


Bible Basic Questions:

Do you have questions?  I make no promises, but I will do what I can to answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Got Questions
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Upcoming Questions to be Answered:

These proposed articles will be written from my own search for truth and because of this they could be consider “living” articles. Revision and updating should be expected and instead of deleting previous statement I will strike-through any changes that are necessary. As a “living” progression here are some article ideas.

  • Understanding Jewish Literature – A discovery of all those pesky extra-biblical writings that you have been told not to read.
  • Jewish Understanding of Salvation –
  • Grace – A New Testament Idea! – Are you sure?
  • Understand Times, Seasons, & Cycles – Basic explanation of the calendar.
  • The Transmission of the Scriptures
  • Jewish Prayer
  • The Heart of Judaism
  • Jewish Image of Being Born Again
  • The Dangers of Replacement Theology
  • The 3 Important “T”s in Hebrew and how applies to the Christian
  • Timeline of the Scripture from a Hebraic Mindset
  • Hebraic vs. Greek
  • Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit)
  • Defining the Spirit
  • The New World: Understanding Genesis 1-6
  • Tabernacle / Temples ?
  • Understanding the Body of Christ