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Behaalotcha for Kids

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Behaalotcha has quail (chicken), trumpets, a second Pesach, the menorah, clouds and so much more. There are fun videos, music and worksheets for parents to share with their children.

Parsha Behaalotcha Readings:

First reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 8:1–14
Second reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 8:15-26
Third reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 9:1-14
Fourth reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 9:15 – 10:10
Fifth reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 10:11-34
Sixth reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 10:35-11:29
Seventh reading — B’midbar (Numbers) 11:30 – 12:16

Videos on Parsha Behaalotcha:

A fun bluegrass song that is a summary of this weeks parsha.

This video asks the question, “How Can I Be Vulnerable With God?”


Israeli children sing Hatikvah…

Worksheets on Parsha Behaalotcha:


1. How many lamps give light in front of the Menorah (candlestand)?
2. Who was taken from amoung the Israelites and cleansed?
3. To Whom do the firstborn of Israel belong?
4. How long did a Levite serve in the Mishkān (tabernacle)?
5. On what day were the Israelites told to keep Pesach (Passover)?
6. What covered the Tabernacle (Miskan) on the day it was set up?
7. What metal was used to make two trumpets?
8. Why did Adonai send fire amoung parts of the camp?
9. To what seed was the manna compared?
10. Which two men remained in the camp? (11:26)


A. A Cloud
B. The Levites
C. Silver
D. Twenty-five years
E. Fourteeth day of the first month
F. Seven lamps
G. Adonai
H. Eldad and Medad
I. Coriander Seed
J. Because the Israelites complained

Dowload the Questionniare and a Search and Find Puzzle.
Download Bechaalotecha Worksheets

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