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An Exciting New Outline on Shemot | The Book of Exodus

Understanding Exodus / Shemot

Embark on an insightful journey through Parsha Shemot (Book of Exodus) with Umberto Cassuto’s detailed breakdown. Dive into bite-sized sections of English translations, aiding Bible students, Torah readers, and scholars in grasping the essence of this parsha. Uncover the hidden depths of the first seven verses with an awesome teaching. We explore voice of God in the burning bush, God’s name connected to the patriarchs, and the mysterious phrase ‘you are bridegroom of blood to me.’ Delve deeper into these captivating themes and more, gaining a heightened understanding of the profound layers within this compelling portion.”

Watch the Video Below.

Outline Shemot Timestamps

11:51 Teaching on Shemot/Exodus 1:1-7
37:22 Major Divisions: Three Parts of Shemot/ Exodus
50:58 Section 1: The Bondage
1:13:24 Section 2: The Birth of the Saviour & His Upbringing
1:26:57 Section 3: Moses’ Mission
1:47:31 Section 4: The First Attempt & Its Failure

Outline Shemot WSB Links

Exodus Introduction

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